Utter nonsense from “conservatives” on supporting Obama

I just read a piece from The Weekly Standard where Bill Kristol is quoting James Ceaser, whom he dubs “one of American conservatism’s leading thinkers.” He’s lecturing us on the importance of supporting the president. The reasoning, to me, is sick, and it is a fascinating illustration of establishment thinking.

Our president is making an utter fool of himself on the world stage. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that once you go beyond our shores and even in this country but outside the East Coast establishment enclaves, you can hardly find any support for the abject nonsense of Obama’s foreign policy on Syria? But Obama has this certain power over some people. It’s a combination of threats of reprisal if you don’t support him, a slavish media that will call you a racist if you disagree, and any number of other things that get people to toe the line. Look at what he has done to the presidency. He has committed more impeachable offenses than all previous presidents combined, yet we have, among the ranks of conservatives, those who will pounce on you and scratch you till you bleed if you dare utter the “i” word.

To sell his foreign policy, Obama is issuing new definitions of words we thought we understood, and he is getting away with it! A “shot across the bow” used to mean a warning shot that was supposed to illustrate our power to do you real damage. Change your course or the next missile will hit you below the water line. But in Obama-speak, it means we’re firing a shot, and promptly turning around and going home. And now yesterday he comes out with this utterly incredible defense of his “red line” statement. We thought a red line was a line that you defined for your opponent that, if he crossed it, there would be certain specific and very unpleasant consequences. But in Obama-speak, the Geneva conventions treaty drew a red line on the use of chemical weapons, and any verbal statement of disapproval is drawing a red line. Really?

I listened last night to Fox News Special Report. Juan Williams, the most ardent defender of the President who ever graces that panel, was not able to swallow what Obama is doing here. Obama is really going off the deep end.

So here we have an entire world who can plainly see that the emperor (our imperial president) has no clothes (no foreign policy that makes any sense). And Bill Kristol is saying that for the sake of the country, we should all join in saying, “No, you don’t see what you think you see. He is really quite finely dressed.” And then the world will respect our president more, because every president deserves respect. But that is the type of thinking you get when you get too wrapped up in the Washington DC cocktail circuit.

I have a better idea. Let’s show the world that the entire country is not made up of fools and that our president is an aberration. We have 300 million people, and most of the adults in the country are more emotionally mature than the man-child Obama. That there is hope that once we get a new administration in power, we can regain the respect that he lost for us a long time ago.

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