The war for Obama to save face

Obama is at it again. McCain is at it again. The Republican establishment is at it again. All jumping on this bandwagon about Syria and all so out of touch with the people.

“The consequences of the Congress of the United States overriding a decision of the president of the United States of this magnitude are really very, very serious,” said Senator McCain yesterday. Really? So President Obama makes a fool of himself and the Congress is obligated to stand behind him? No. The credibility of the President is not on the line. He already has no credibility, and this won’t restore it. Even if there is military action, it will be meaningless because the Obama administration has no clear goals to its foreign policy and refuses to define any significant military objective in Syria.

The Republicans who are in favor of standing with the president are the predictable group of establishment Republicans – John Boehner, Karl Rove, Lindsey Graham. And of course, always John McCain.

I have one simple question to ask all of those who are rushing to help Obama save face, defending his ill-advised red line comment of some time ago. What Middle Eastern policy has this administration supported that has worked? Name me one. Obama started off his presidency with a grand illusion of making friends with Islamists. That has clearly failed miserably. He stood by when Iran’s government was threatened by internal strife. He let Mubarek, who had been a faithful ally for years, get toppled in Egypt. And then, his administration pressured the Egyptian military to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to be a part of the government, which turned sour. Under Obama and with the urging of McCain and the rest of them, Libya has become a new breeding ground for terrorists. Israel has become less secure. Their much-touted “Arab Spring” has become a big mud hole. Listen to the people who have called every one of these issues correctly, whose predictions have actually come true: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and others like them.

In football, when your quarterback throws six interceptions in a row, and if taking him out isn’t an option, at least let’s ask him to try a running play. But no, we’re all being asked to get behind one more pass play. Sorry, not me.

I noticed the poll of Drudge Report readers: On the question, “GIVE OBAMA AUTHORITY TO CONDUCT MILITARY OPERATION IN SYRIA?” the results are 91.5% no, 8.5% yes. Looks like that’s where you find the smart people.

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