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The war for Obama to save face

Obama is at it again. McCain is at it again. The Republican establishment is at it again. All jumping on this bandwagon about Syria and all so out of touch with the people. “The consequences of the Congress of the … Continue reading

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Democracy is overrated – witness Egypt

This ranks with one of the stupidest things I have seen John McCain do – condemning the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood–led government in Egypt and calling for cutting off aid to the military in that country. The Egyptian military … Continue reading

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The triumph of peace and happiness in Egypt – It’s not to be

The thing is, what is happening in Egypt was entirely predictable. The people I trust to give me reliable interpretations of what is going on in the world told us months ago that we were not seeing the birth of … Continue reading

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Obama double-talk on Egypt

I think it’s nice that Republican leaders are standing behind Pres. Obama as he deals with Egypt. It shows some statesmanship among Republican leaders that we haven’t seen among Democrat leaders when a Republican has been in the White House. … Continue reading

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