Something is seriously wrong with Mitch McConnell

On Tuesday, Senator John Cornyn joined 115 House Republicans and at least three other senators in calling for the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder. OK, that’s good. Holder is the most blatantly corrupt public official I can remember during my lifetime. It’s nice to see some Republicans standing up to him.

But I’m still not sure I understand why Mitch McConnell would not back Cornyn. Here is McConnell’s statement:

“We certainly need to have an investigation of what has happened, and I think John Cornyn speaks for a lot of us as to the frustration we feel about not only the national security leaks, the ‘Fast and Furious’ matter — there’s been a whole litany of problems coming out of the Justice Department. I’m listening carefully to what my colleagues are saying. I think we’re all unhappy with the performance of the Attorney General.”

Here is a partial list of Holder’s offenses (can we say crimes?):
Refuses to prosecute African Americans guilty of blatant voter intimidation.
Is fighting Florida in its efforts to clean up its voter rolls.
Fights other states as they try to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.
Was involved in delivering high-powered weapons to Mexican drug cartels.
Is covering up the involvement of other high officials in this gun-running operation.
Processed the ugly list of pardons for Clinton at the end of his second term, a list that included known terrorists and members of organized crime.
Thumbed his nose at his constitutional duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.
Is participating in the whitewash of serious national security leaks.

Surely McConnell has to know about all these things.

So, if Mitch McConnell is willing to tolerate this corruption in the justice department, is he also corrupt? Doesn’t it take a certain dullness of conscience to not be indignant over these offenses? If a man stands idly by watching a bank robbery and refuses to testify of the crime, even though he isn’t guilty to the same extent as the perpetrator, isn’t he also guilty? What is at the root of a man with such a responsible position as Senator McConnell who is unwilling to help clean up the government? What is the payback he expects to receive? I really don’t know and I don’t fully understand – I’m just asking questions. And I know there is something seriously wrong with such a person.

So is it time for McConnell to resign?

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