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Fox News – helping protect corrupt Republican leadership

I knew it was coming, but it was still hard to listen to the assault on Ted Cruz from the Fox News Channel after he confronted Mitch McConnell for his lying about his secret deal on the Export-Import Bank. I’ll … Continue reading

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Republican Senate leadership is trying to fool us on the debt ceiling vote

I’m a fervent conservative and a life-long Republican. But if I lived in Kentucky, I’d probably work for the defeat of Mitch McConnell in his Senate re-election campaign, even against the Democrat. That’s how disgusted I am with how he … Continue reading

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Something is seriously wrong with Mitch McConnell

On Tuesday, Senator John Cornyn joined 115 House Republicans and at least three other senators in calling for the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder. OK, that’s good. Holder is the most blatantly corrupt public official I can remember … Continue reading

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