Fox News – helping protect corrupt Republican leadership

I knew it was coming, but it was still hard to listen to the assault on Ted Cruz from the Fox News Channel after he confronted Mitch McConnell for his lying about his secret deal on the Export-Import Bank.

I’ll get into the specifics in a moment, but first I’d like to reflect on what is going on with the media and the corruption in our government. On the one hand we have the Democrats and leftists. They are staunchly upheld by the mainstays of the establishment media–NBC, CNN, The New York Times, etc. The left, being capable of the most amazing acts of denial, are unfazed by the reporting of Fox News that exposes the corruption of their people.

But on the other hand, you have Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, who are more expansive in their coverage but who still are unwilling to expose the corruption of the Republican leadership. And the rest of the media seem unwilling to address that, either, probably because the Republican leadership basically also promotes a big government agenda, just a toned-down version of it. Anyway, if the establishment media helped bring down the Republican leadership, that would put conservatives in control of the party, and they can’t have that.

So we have a corrupt media, with no major media willing to expose the sleazy, corrupt dealings of McConnell, Boehner, and the rest of the Republican establishment as they protect Obama and help him get his Iran deal, his Trade Promotion Authority, and wink at all his impeachable offenses. Even Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, while willing to confront Republicans to a degree, are timid in doing so, for fear of alienating too much of their audience or potential program guests. Mark Levin is fearless, however, on this point, which is why I love using him as a source. And there are conservative websites that are willing to address it. But we have many of the people who are absolutely simmering over this–hence the popularity of Donald Trump, who is willing to address their concerns.

So let’s get on with the story of how Fox News handled Ted Cruz’s exposing the blatant lies of Mitch McConnell, which I reported on in an earlier post: McConnell lies to Republicans, and Cruz calls him on it. It happened Monday evening. I have noticed that Brit Hume is the point man when it comes to defending the Republican leadership. He was absolutely brutal in his attack on Ted Cruz. He refused to address the substance of the issue, and that is whether or not McConnell actually lied in order to push through giving Trade Promotion Authority to Obama. And then came the motive attribution. Forget the uncommon courage Senator Cruz displayed. He had to know this assault on his character would be coming. No, to Brit Hume this was all about Ted Cruz positioning himself among the field of Republican Presidential hopefuls. The truth is that this brash confrontation with the powerful McConnell may have damaged Cruz’s presidential aspirations beyond repair. But that didn’t stop Brit Hume from piling on.

Things went a little better in the Fox News All-Star Panel. George Will was unrestrained. But Charles Krauthammer did have the decency to acknowledge that Ted Cruz was right in substance, that the Export-Import Bank should be killed. And he was not quite so vicious as Brit Hume.

Charles Krauthammer echoed a point made by McConnell’s lieutenant, Texas Senior Senator John Cornyn, and that was questioning Cruz’s veracity by saying that no one else reported the lie that Cruz said was made in front of the entire Republican caucus. Duh . . . after the vicious treatment that Cruz received, do you think that anyone else would dare speak up? But I will say this–every other Republican is in a position to contradict Cruz’s account of the story and no one, including Cornyn, has. All those who have spoken up have just said that they think what Cruz said was a breach of decorum. His story still stands.

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