Obama walking back his comment, “The private sector is doing fine.” Really?

They’re discussing this comment by Obama on panels and talk radio all over. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace brought it up for discussion. But he made one error. He said that later that day Obama walked back those comments. I’m seeing that all over.

The Hill reported something similar. “Hours after saying the private sector is ‘doing fine,’ President Obama on Friday walked back those remarks, saying it’s ‘absolutely clear’ the economy is not fine.”

No, he never “walked back” those comments, and that is why the story still has legs. Obama never walks any comments back. He went out and “clarified” them. It’s always that people didn’t understand him or took things out of context. He never admits that he misspoke or should have chosen other words or anything like that.

He clarified the comments by saying that “the economy” is not doing fine. His statement that the private sector of the economy is doing fine still stands, as far as his official statements go. And when David Axelrod appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley he did everything he could to talk about the private sector not doing fine without actually saying that it is not doing fine. The spokespeople cannot say that “The One” misspoke – the comments just have to be tuned. And it’s not working. They don’t make any sense.

I hope Romney hammers him to death on this.

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