Adam Smith’s Chick-fil-A rant and the Family Research Council shooting – examples of intolerance from proponents of gay rights

When Adam Smith, CFO/Treasurer for Vante Vision Center in Tucson, decided to berate a Chick-fil-A employee over her company president’s stance for traditional marriage and to record it for YouTube, he did not realize the firestorm he would start or that he would lose his job over the encounter.

Watch the encounter and notice how, while being hateful himself to the extreme, he accuses Chick-fil-A of being hateful. And notice the kind response of the employee.

I’m fascinated by these insights into human character. These accusations of hate are getting more common and more serious and it is the accusations that are full of hate, not the accused.

A couple of other examples:

At the August 3 gay protest at the Decatur, Georgia Chick-fil-A, Chick-fil-A employees offered free lemonade to the protesters, which they refused to take. So tell me which side is being tolerant and kind and which side is being hateful.

And then note the shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council. The Southern Poverty Law Center had put the Family Research Council on a “hate map,” because of its defense of traditional values.

No, the spirit of tolerance is “live and let live.” It is the gay rights groups who promote intolerance and hatred, who are in your face and want to force their way. And it is the guilt that troubles their own consciences that leads them to accuse others of hatred when they themselves are seething with hatred inside. It’s an effort to try to convince themselves that they don’t really hate.

Christians need to beware. This is the same spirit that has killed religious martyrs throughout the history of the world. Don’t be sucked in by the rhetoric of tolerance.

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