Kirk Adams doesn’t fool the local Tea Parties

I got a robocall today from Pat Boone asking me to vote for Kirk Adams. Sorry, Pat – I respect you, but you don’t know our candidates personally, and you missed this one.

I know how these national endorsements work. You make connections and get someone else to speak well of you, and people like Pat Boone and other national figures that I may respect greatly will endorse you. But I’m not fooled. And it looks like the local Tea Partiers aren’t either.

I just learned that Tuesday night the East Valley Tea Party held a straw poll, and they voted 94% to 6% to support Matt Salmon over Kirk Adams. The Mountain View Tea Party, where I attend, also strongly favors Matt Salmon, though I don’t have the exact figures.

I have met Matt Salmon personally. He has been in my home. I have heard him speak, and I have heard Kirk Adams speak. Matt Salmon has political courage, which is exactly what we need in Washington now. Kirk Adams knows how to curry favor with the powers that be. That is a helpful quality. But I respect political courage, and that’s where my vote is going on Tuesday – for Matt Salmon.

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