Why Michelle does not accompany her husband (not a joke)

I had an e-mail forwarded to me from my sister-in-law with this subject line. Here is some of what the e-mail said in the first paragraph:

“If you check President Obama’s last trip overseas, his wife left just after
their visit to France . She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country.”

It went on to give this little anecdote:

“While in a Blockbuster, I came across a video called ‘Obama’. Two men were standing
next to me, and we talked about President Obama. These guys were Arabs, so I asked
them why they thought Michelle Obama headed home following the President’s recent
visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband.

“They said she could not go to Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iraq.

“I said, ‘Why not, Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Dubai.’

“They said Obama is a Muslim, and therefore he is not allowed to bring his wife into
countries that adhere to Sharia Law.”

The e-mail continued with various reasoning, including a quote from Dr. Jim Murk, whom it says is a scholar on Islam, saying that an orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a trip that is made for political purposes to any nation that practices Sharia Law. This, the e-mail said, was evidence that Obama is Muslim. His father is Muslim, therefore, by Muslim practice, he is. It further said that this is why Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

While all of this is interesting, I disagree with the e-mail. An “orthodox Muslim man” would also not be allowed to join a Christian church, even if that church is one that preaches radical black liberation theology. Nor would he allow his children to be baptized into that church. Orthodox Muslims consider those capital offenses. No, as I look at Obama’s behavior, I don’t think he subscribes in his heart to any religion.

Having said that, I believe that Obama would not mind if some Muslims consider him Muslim. He has an attitude of appeasement toward Radical Islam. And I think he fancies himself some type of bridge between the United States and Islamic countries.

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