The pro-gay marriage speech police are at it again

Too many people in this country are still under the dangerous illusion that legalizing gay marriage would be an act of tolerance. As I wrote earlier this year, legalizing gay marriage would unleash a torrent of intolerance. And this is illustrated anew by the mayors of Boston and Chicago and how they have reacted to Chick-fil-A wanting to expand in their cities.

The objective of legalizing gay marriage is to eliminate a word from the language that implies there is any difference between homosexual and heterosexual relationships. It is to force me to call this relationship marriage when I believe it is an immoral relationship. I am a member of the LDS Church, and I am in harmony with the teachings of my church on this issue. That teaching is that, while homosexuality is a matter of identity and thus cannot be a sin, homosexual acts are sins. Any sexual relationship outside of traditional male-female marriage is a serious sin. And I want the right to teach this to my children and grandchildren, and to speak out freely on this. The other side wants to stomp out this belief and silence dissent.

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy made public statements that he was opposed to same-sex marriage. This drew the wrath of Boston mayor Thomas Menino, who threatened to block their license application. After the outcry, protesting this additional step in our developing police state mentality, he backed off this threat. But we know that if he could get away with doing that he would. What’s revealing about this fight is that Massachusetts has put on this cloak of tolerance by legalizing gay marriage. But, as I said, the tolerance is a cloak. What has happened is that Massachusetts has become a center of intolerance because of this. Gay activists are on the march and have been busy in Massachusetts trying to wipe out any opposing views.

Chicago mayor Rahm Immanuel, however, has not yet backed off his vow to block Chick-fil-A from expanding in Chicago.

Get used to it, people. If this gay rights movement continues to advance, you will see increasing intolerance of religion. Look at the history of the movement. Over the past twenty or thirty years they have had many victories and there has been increasing acceptance of the gay lifestyle and anti-discrimination statutes have been enacted. But along with this there has not been increasing peace and happiness in the gay community, but only increasing brazenness and intolerance. Legalizing gay marriage is not the end game. If it were, Massachusetts would be at peace. No, they want to wipe out opposing views.

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