Mitch McConnell interviewed by Mark Levin. Really!

Hey, it’s a very hopeful sign. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to appear on the Mark Levin radio show. Levin has been highly critical of McConnell and has called for new Republican leadership. But last night, McConnell agreed to be interviewed on Levin’s syndicated radio program, and he had some encouraging things to say.

The main subject was the Disclose Act. I must say it was quite encouraging to hear McConnell call the Democrats out for exactly what they are trying to accomplish with this act, which is to learn the names of donors to conservative groups so that they could be harassed by the IRS, the SEC, and other government agencies, so that critics of the administration could be intimidated and hopefully silenced.

And while he was there, Levin questioned him about the prospects for repealing Obamacare and if McConnell intended to use Reconciliation to accomplish that. Reconciliation would bypass normal Senate rules allowing filibusters. Any legislation that is budgetary in nature cannot be filibustered, so it can be passed with a simple majority in the Senate. Yes, he said, if Republicans gain control of the Senate, he fully intends to use Reconciliation so that they could avoid a Democrat filibuster. And he fully expects every Republican to vote for repeal.

Yes, this is do-able!

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