Iran won’t even thank us for the Nukes

The tough thing about this Iran deal that Obama and Kerry have negotiated is that Iran won’t even thank the United States for helping it get nuclear weapons. But let’s put that aside and look at how they got this deal.

Everyone who is halfway informed about this arms deal and cares about our national security and isn’t living in a fantasy world understands that this treaty with Iran is trouble for the United States. The Arabs think it is a bad deal. Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer was interviewed on the Mark Levin Show last night and he said that the Left and Right in Israel are united on this issue as they are rarely united on anything–that this treaty will only hasten Iran getting a nuclear weapon. So I don’t feel I need to go into that–that’s something every reasonable person understands. I just want to help people understand how we got here.

I hear a lot of speculation about why Obama wants this deal. Some think he is naive. I say that you’re naive if you think that. Look how he treats Republicans. Look how he treats anyone who gets in his way. Obama knows how to intimidate his enemies. So you have to conclude that he really doesn’t view Iran as an enemy. It’s not naivete, it’s his world view. Look at it this way. In Iran they are chanting, “Death to America!” Here people are saying, “How can we not understand that they are our mortal enemy.” But I think that Obama looks at this chant more kindly. You see, that is just the Iranians’ way of saying they want to fundamentally transform America, which is the same thing that Obama wants. You think about it and it’s the very same concept. Fundamentally transforming America is a softer, gentler way of saying it. Death to America is a militant, blunt way of saying it. But it’s basically the same thing.

And then we have Republicans wringing their hands over this and wanting to stop it. I’m sorry, but the Republican leadership in Congress has lost credibility with me. This agreement with Iran is a treaty, and they could just submit it to a ratification vote in the Senate, which requires a 2/3 majority, which Obama wouldn’t get. But no, they had to craft this “Fast Track” for Iran’s nuclear weapons facilitation, which now will require a 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress to block the deal, which will be extremely difficult to obtain.

Thank you, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell–you now have this Iran deal as part of your legacy, too.

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