Republicans: Don’t be intimidated by Obama’s red line on Obamacare

Congressional Republicans could learn a lesson from Bashar Al-Assad – You can stand up to Obama.

I get tired of listening to all these media conservatives who remember the great budget battle of 1995 as a defeat for Republicans. It’s revisionist history. I remember that time, and yes, it was a defeat for Republicans in the media, but it was a victory with the people. In the following election of 1996,┬áin spite of President Clinton winning 70% of the electoral vote and winning in 31 states, the Republicans actually picked up two Senate seats held on to the House, losing only a couple of marginal districts while holding on to the vast majority of their gains from their dramatic sweep two years earlier.

Mark Levin interviewed Tom Delay on his radio show on Thursday. He was Majority Whip at the time, and he portrayed the confrontation as a dramatic victory. He recounted their 1996 electoral victories and said that the Republicans’ political victory in the budget showdown was a great factor in their being able to win other legislative battles, including welfare reform and creating the first budget surplus in years.

Listen here to Tom Delay explaining what a victory the government shutdown was for Republicans. It’s a 2 1/2 minute clip.

Yes, Obama has drawn a red line. We have learned how much that can mean. Public opinion is strongly on the side of blocking Obamacare. Polls validate this view, and I keep hearing it from people. They detest this law. At work, my business manager seems very non-political. I have never heard her make a political comment. I had assigned her the task of looking into what our small 9-employee business needs to do to comply with Obamacare regulations. Friday when I saw her right after lunch she was beaming as she told me that the House of Representatives had just voted to defund Obamacare. I am really worried that John Boehner is going to buckle before this is all over. But if he doesn’t, this will make Republicans very popular, regardless of what the media may say.

Listen here to the entire 15-minute interview of Tom Delay by Mark Levin. The occasion was the dramatic acquittal of Tom Delay of his earlier kangaroo court conviction on money laundering charges. The appellate court gave a stinging rebuke of the trial court by actually acquitting the former congressman, a move that is rarely seen.

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