Charlie Rose: a developing idea that the president’s not so good at foreign policy

Rush Limbaugh today commented on Charlie Rose saying, on his PBS show last night, the following:

“Two questions about this I’m fascinated by in terms of whether there’s a developing idea that the president’s not so good at foreign policy, number one. And number two, whether this whole Syrian crisis will just take more air out of whatever leverage he has for the future of his administration.”

Really! And when did you figure out that he doesn’t do foreign policy very well? Did it take you to major failure number 14? We got through the Russia reset failure, the Arab Spring failure, the Chicago Olympics failure, etc., etc., and you’re just now figuring this out?

Obama has been billed as a great persuader, but he has never shown himself to be great with persuasion. From his first days, he has gotten his way by intimidation, passing out goodies, and assembling a team of minions who enforce his wishes with the same tactics. The way he got into the Illinois State Senate, and then into the United States Senate, was by “taking out” opponents. And since becoming president, he uses his race and his power, combined with his accomplices, to intimidate his opposition. Even on this Syria attack, we had Ed Asner saying that people in Hollywood disagreed with this warlike method of dealing with a world problem, but they didn’t want to criticize the President lest they be perceived as racist.

So he gets his way by ramming legislation through Congress, enforcing Democrat party discipline and intimidating Republicans. Rush Limbaugh, a couple of weeks ago, revealed that there are Democrats who tell him privately that they would love to oppose Obama, but they’re afraid to speak out. And then, of course, we’ve seen what his Department of Justice has done to journalists who get out of line. So if they’re not afraid of getting called racists, they hopefully will at least be afraid of other consequences. But he can’t persuade. So, he gets his Obamacare passed, but he can’t make it popular. And on the world stage, we can see what happened when he tried to intimidate Bashar Al-Assad with his red-line bluster. Assad tested him, found he didn’t have the will to make good on his threat, and now we have the President making a fool of himself on the world stage and getting upstaged by Putin.

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