Bob Worsley’s deceptive Obamacare ad

I get really annoyed when politicians try to fool the voters into thinking they’re who they’re not. And that happened with a Bob Worsley (Arizona SD 25) ad I saw on TV yesterday.

It starts out by saying that Senator Worsley has been attacked for voting for Obamacare, and then rebuts the charge by making it sound ridiculous. Obamacare, it says, is a federal law and Senator Worsley is a state senator, so it was impossible for him to vote for Obamacare.

The truth is that Senator Worsley was one of five Senate Republicans to cross the aisle and vote with the Democrats for Medicaid expansion in Arizona, which is the implementation of Obamacare in the state. If he thinks that was a good vote, I wish he’d stand up for it instead of trying to deceive the voters.

But this has been a habit of Senator Worsley’s – voting with Democrats. I went to a meet and greet recently with Ralph Heap, who is challenging Worsley for the nomination. Heap told the group that Worsley is one of three Republicans who often votes with Democrats on legislation, which is enough to pass the Democrats’ legislation.

Which is why I have a Ralph Heap sign in my front yard.

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