The Republican Party Is Sick, and Trump Is the Symptom

While I don’t trust Donald Trump, I do love what he is saying. And I’m hoping he can help wake up a number of Republicans to the illness that is afflicting their party.

It’s not entirely unlike what is happening with the Democrats. The powers that be in their party are telling them it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn to be the nominee. But she is so obviously corrupt, besides being out of touch with the people, that a flake like Bernie Sanders is actually a threat.

In the Republican Party we have a corrupt establishment, led by House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. They are continually trying to appear to be fighting Obama, all the while facilitating his agenda. For example, under the guise of forcing Obama to get approval from Congress for this sick Iran deal, they actually passed a “fast-track” negotiating authority for him in which they surrendered the treaty power to him and made it so that Congress has to come up with a veto-proof majority in order to thwart it. They didn’t want to stand up and call this deal a treaty, even though it is a treaty, apparently because they didn’t want an ugly confrontation. But the Republican base does want them to confront Obama. Republicans campaigned on that, but now that the campaign is over, they choose instead to just roll over for him.

And every once in a while, there are little skirmishes involving the leadership. But they don’t listen, and the dissent keeps bubbling under the surface. Last June, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was ousted in the Republican primary by political newcomer Dave Brat. Then later that month, the Republican establishment resorted to the sleaziest of tactics to defeat conservative challenger Chris McDaniel, and send the aging, out-of-touch, establishment Republican, Senator Thad Cochran, back to the Senate. Conservatives were livid over this.

Back in June, we had the Republican leadership joining arms with Obama, when Obama had a rift in his own party, to give him fast track trade authority. We, the rank and file, know that Obama is up to no good, and there can’t be anything good that will come out of Obamatrade. Conservatives in the House who voted against the deal were threatened with retaliation.

Then we have Mitch McConnell lying publicly to Senator Cruz about a deal to keep the Export-Import Bank. Cruz called him on it. While Cruz was vilified by the establishment, conservatives knew he was on target.

Then the week after that, Late Tuesday July 28, Congressman Mark Meadows from western North Carolina, filed a motion to Vacate the Chair, in other words, to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House. This is the first time in about 100 years such a motion has been introduced in the House.

So what is going on is that we, the base of the Republican Party, are fed up with our leadership. They campaign as conservatives, and then get to Washington DC and are continually trying to fool us about what they are actually doing. And while I don’t want a casino mogul as my President, I understand his appeal. He’s plain-spoken, willing to fight, and politically incorrect.

George Will thinks he’s destroying the Republican brand. No, Mr. Will, you don’t even understand the Republican brand. Trump is showing, by his popularity, how Republicans should brand themselves.

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