Standing up to Obama really works

It was a good week for conservatives. After holding firm on the sequester, we had Rand Paul’s gutsy filibuster defending the bill of rights.

We conservatives have been looking for something to cheer for a long time. By blocking any action on the sequester that included raising taxes, John Boehner has finally done that. And look at the results – a steep plummet in Obama’s approval ratings. I wish they would do that more. But I’m not holding my breath. John Boehner is simply unable to articulate the fiscal disaster to which the country is headed under present levels of spending and taxation. I fully expect him to cave on raising the debt ceiling and the budget.

And as much as I should be getting used to betrayals from John McCain, I was struck by his smallness in calling Senator Paul’s filibuster a “stunt.” Rand Paul won respect from even the liberals on the panel of Fox News Special Report. I would remind you that this Senator McCain who apparently feels comfortable with whatever the Obama administration wants to do with drones is the same McCain who in essence accused Bush of war crimes because he waterboarded key Al Qaeda captives and thus got information out of them that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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