A Question about the Effectiveness of Airport Security

I have a question that just popped into my head, and wondered if anyone has an answer.

I know that our airport security screening has confiscated a lot of toothpaste, makeup, spray deoderant, water bottles, etc. Even some pocket knives. But have they ever screened out a terrorist or explosives? Have the TSA security checks of passengers ever caught a single terrorist?

If anyone has heard of any terrorist plot that has actually been thwarted by airport security, please let me know. Click to comment, or if the comment link has expired, just contact me through this Contribute Your Thoughts link.

It would be nice to have that piece of information as we discuss whether or not these naked body scanners and groin checks are needed.

I know that we have experts saying that these measures would have stopped past attacks, like 9-11 or the underwear bomber, had they been in place at the time. That’s not what I’m looking for – hypothetical benefits. I’m asking, “Have they actually found a terrorist with these techniques?”

Stay tuned to this site and see if we come up with any answers.

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