Bill Montgomery at the Mountain View Tea Party

Bill Montgomery was our guest speaker at the Mountain View Tea Party last night (Thursday, August 19). He’s the candidate for Maricopa County Attorney against Rick Romley. He made a good impression and the people liked him. He’s been endorsed by the Arizona Tea Parties, by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, SB-1070 author Russell Pearce, and other conservatives. He said that his opponent, Rick Romley, has been supported by Democrats. Not wanting to simply take his word for it, I did my own research and found an article in the Arizona Guardian, and other supporting evidence that this indeed is the case.

When he turned it over for questions, almost all the questions were about illegal immigration. The people are clearly at a high level of frustration with leaders who are refusing to listen to what the people want.

He was asked what he thought the chances of SB-1070 are when it hits the Supreme Court. He was careful about making any predictions, and this isn’t his expertise, but he did say that on the basis of a strict interpretation of the constitution, it seems to him to be in complete compliance. He made an interesting point about Eric Holder’s challenge to the law. Their challenge focused on the pre-emption doctrine, but it is a twisted version of the pre-emption doctrine. The pre-emption doctrine states that state laws need to be in compliance with Federal laws in that they need to be in harmony with┬áthe clear intent of Congress. But the challenge to SB-1070 asked the court to keep the states from going against the intent of the executive in their non-enforcement of Congressional intent. In other words, the feds are saying, “We don’t want to enforce this law, and we don’t want you to enforce it either.”

Here is a link to the Illegal Immigration page on the main website.

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