Do a poll – How many people believe Obama doesn’t love America?

So I’m looking at an excerpt from CNN’s Inside Politics, and host John King is interviewing Ron Fournier of the National Journal about Rudy Giuliani’s comment last night that President Obama doesn’t love America.

They are totally freaking out. Ron Fournier calls Giuliani desperate and dangerous.

Interesting. Giuliani is only stating what is completely obvious to many of us out here in flyover country. We figured that out way back during the campaign when he wouldn’t wear an American flag lapel pin, when Michelle confessed that she had never been proud of this country. Good grief, he pretty much confessed in so many words that he didn’t love America with his main campaign promise, that he was going to fundamentally transform America. And everything he has done since then, starting with his grand apology tour, has only reinforced that assessment.

Now King and Fournier want to quiz all the Republican presidential aspirants and ask them if they agree with Giuliani. I have a better idea for a project for them: Do an opinion poll and ask the public this question. Ask people who don’t have to answer to you talking heads and who will actually give you their honest opinion. I have a feeling the results would shock the pundit class.

This is one of the reasons that the talking heads in Washington have such a hard time setting effective policy–they can’t seem to deal with common sense or the obvious. We get a president who is destroying one institution after another in this country and who can’t seem to square his shoulders and deal with an enemy, but we can’t call him out for what he is actually doing. Someone tells a bald-faced lie, and you can’t say that. People in high places try to stir up civil unrest, and you don’t dare say that. Leaders promote voter fraud and we have to pretend they’re just concerned with voter participation. No wonder we can’t straighten out this country’s problems.

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