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A couple of days ago I accused the Idaho Statesman of being complicit in Senator Mike Crapo’s corruption in a post about the Idaho Stateman’s ridiculous defense of Senator Crapo. We learned that Senator Crapo has been falsely posing as a faithful Mormon, after he was arrested for drinking and driving.

I got this e-mail from an Idaho resident, which basically says that I nailed it in my evaluation of this newspaper:

“Happened to run across your editorial through the Boise Weekly writing an online item about it.

“I was laughing at the reference to the Idaho Statesman being ‘popular.’ It is definitely not popular with most of the citizens of Boise.

“There was a Senator named John McGee who got a hand slap for a DUI much worse than Crapo got and also involved stealing a vehicle. Part of the problem was the ridiculous soft media coverage by the Idaho Statesman. No call for dismissal, no tough investigations. But there were references of him being a rising star and a potential FUTURE GOVERNOR!

“After McGee avoided losing his gig that time, he again was in the news for defrauding citizens per gas mileage reimbursement. He was living a mile or two away from the Capitol building but was pretending to be making a 50-mile plus drive everyday to get gas mileage. Again, the ostriches at the Idaho Statesman didn’t call for his head. (He sexually harassed a woman in 2012 and finally had to resign)

“Anyway, the McGee clown received a plea deal that was laughable because of his status and ability to lawyer up. A normal guy like me would have received a much harsher penalty as they basically pretended he didn’t steal somebody’s auto in the penalty phase. Shameful.

“This Crapo guy will receive a harsher DUI penalty just due to his not being arrested in Idaho. Because there would be the typical noncoverage by a newspaper that does ZERO investigative work and is absolutely not a gatekeeper for the community. Crapo would have received a minor hand slap if arrested in Boise.

“Throw this one on for size — the Idaho Statesman has a sports editor named Mike Prater. Google Mike Prater DUI or Mike Prater arrest. Guy was arrested for a DUI and later was arrested for punching a woman while drunk at some ungodly early-morning hour while he was still on probation for his DUI and didn’t lose his job after the second embarrassing arrest. (you can research him yourself as opposed to taking my word).

“If a newspaper is going to turn a blind eye to one of its own managers being a complete drunkard and buffoon-type behavior, it definitely isn’t going to hold a U.S. Senator accountable. So please continue to hold this lackluster, horrible newspaper accountable since there is nobody in the Boise area who will do so.”


Link: See the reference to this blog, Liberty Musings in the Boise Weekly.

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