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Could Sarah Palin end up endorsing Mike Pence?

Wednesday, Special Report featured Congressman Mike Pence in its “12 in 2012” report of possible Republican candidates for President. I could go for Mike Pence. I suspect a lot of other conservatives could. I was impressed with his vote against … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer, What Did You Just Say about Michele Bachmann?

I know that Charles Krauthammer is a contributor to NPR and writes a column for the Washington Post. Therefore, he has to be careful not to be too conservative. That’s just how it works. He likes his paychecks. He wants … Continue reading

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Is Sarah Palin Running for President?

The Sunday before the midterm elections, Chris Wallace interviewed Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday. It was a great interview. As expected, Chris tried to pin her down on presidential aspirations. I was struck┬áby how she handled the question. She … Continue reading

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