The nutty decision by Judge Susan Bolton

I liked Andy McCarthy’s description of Judge Susan Bolton’s decision today to issue a temporary injunction against Arizona’s attempt to enforce federal immigration law. He called it nuts. Read his article about the Arizona Immigration Decision.

Charles Krauthammer relayed McCarthy’s reasoning this evening on Fox News on Special Report with Brett Baier. I recorded it and transcribed it. Here’s what Krauthammer said:

“The problem is she is confusing the law and the federal enforcement of the law. Her argument essentially is, because the Arizona law, which incidentally is drawn up to be entirely consistent with the federal law – it practically duplicates its language – because the Arizona law is contradicting the federal enforcement of the law, which is essentially non-enforcement, therefore it is inconsistent with the law and has to be struck down. So enforcing the law on behalf of the states is illegal, because it goes against what the feds are doing, which is non-enforcement. It is nuts.”

I think that nicely encapsulates this issue. The problem Obama has with the Arizona law is that he has decided he doesn’t want immigration law enforced. He wants the votes of the illegals. Arizona is gumming up the works by enforcing it. We simply can’t have that, now, because Obama is in charge and we’re doing everything his way. That’s what this is saying. It’s another little baby step toward despotism – one-person rule.

And this is why Obama has no problem with sanctuary cities, which  are basically thumbing their nose at federal immigration law, because he is also thumbing his nose at federal immigration law. The federal case that was presented to Judge Bolton says we can’t have fifty different immigration policies for fifty different states, even though the Arizona law only provides for turning violators over to the federal government. But for individual cities setting up their own immigration policies, no problem.

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