Bruce St. James, think a little more deeply, please.

It’s the first time I caught Bruce St. James’s show on KTAR-FM radio in Phoenix.

It’s people like him that make it really hard to reform the government.

He gets the general idea, but is muddled about the solutions. He was railing about Congress, and all the spending. Right On, Man! I was hoping he gets it. But not quite.┬áHe does understand that the Democrats control Congress, and so are more responsible for today’s out-of-control government. But he doesn’t dig to find out everything about what is going on. And I think part of it is that he doesn’t want to get so deep that he might pick sides, because that wouldn’t be cool.

He exposed his superficiality when he spoke about the newly elected Congress not taking over until inauguration day in the middle of January. No, Bruce, you’re confused. January 20 is Inauguration Day, but that’s the day the President is inaugurated, and that occurs only every four years. The new Congress convenes at the beginning of January. In 2011 it will start on Wednesday, January 5. This reveals your shallowness.

Bruce was ranting about how Congress is broken, and irreparably so. Well, Bruce, it’s only irreparable if there are too many people like you who don’t want to roll up their sleeves, risk getting a little dirty, and digging to find out who the good guys are so you can support them. You said, with great emphasis, several times, that no one in Congress is any good. Not One! That’s what you said. No, that’s not true. There are all kinds of people in Congress, and some of them are fighting day in and day out for the limited government that you say you want. But to take sides – just wouldn’t be cool, now, would it?

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