Comparing the United States to the old Soviet Union

Last week, Mark Levin had a call on his radio show that is worth publishing here. The caller, Ed from Long Island, had grown up in the old Soviet Union. Here is a transcript of what he said:

“Yes, hi, Mark. I’ve been listening to you for quite some time now. I’m originally from the former Soviet Union and I heard you mentioning that a few times. And I really want to tell everybody that American unfortunately is looking more and more like the former Soviet Union. It’s idolizing the ruler and making the ruler look like a god. And when normal objections are perceived as obstructions. Or, the next thing that will follow is people who object to the president will be called the enemies of the state and they will be punished just like they were in the Soviet Union. And it doesn’t happen overnight. But it happens slow and methodically until one day you wake up and you can’t open your mouth because there are guards everywhere and they’re looking at you and they’re making sure that you say only the things that your government wants you to say.”

Mark: “You know, it’s very important what you’re saying. I mean, when you look at what the IRS was doing to people who object to what the government’s doing, attacking the Tea Party. When you listen to how the Senate Majority Leader and the Number Two Senate, Schumer, talk about millions and millions of people who object to what’s happening to their government, with their government, the way they talk about us – is this what you saw and experienced in the Soviet Union, the smearing of a whole population of people?”

Ed from Long Island: “Absolutely. And it’s going to take a more vicious form, I would say, when more liberties are taken away from you. And it’s like I said, it’s really a very slow process. And it took Russia about, you know, 50 to 60 years to get it, in the mid 70s, but it’s going to happen more quickly here just because there is apathy everywhere. People are so apathetic – they’re focused on their daily routine.”

Mark Levin called it, “a very, very important call.”

And then, just a few days later, we have the announcement of the IRS clamping down further on the freedom of speech. See my post yesterday about this: The IRS and the developing police state.

And people still don’t see it.

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