Driver flips off LDS missionaries, and his car is flipped

I ran into this news item today, published several days ago.

It was in Greencastle, Indiana, a small city southwest of Indianapolis, and the home of DePauw University. Elder Scott Brezenski and Elder Myles Anderton, Mormon missionaries, were walking on the sidewalk when the driver of a silver Honda Civic, who had been drinking, stuck his hand out the window and flipped them the bird. Whereupon the right side of his car hit the curb, then ramped up the wire of a telephone pole, launching the car into the air. It then flipped 10 to 12 feet in the air and landed upside-down.

Here’s the article from The DePauw: Car flipped on S. Locust, driver arrested.

And here is the photo taken at the scene:

don't flip off the Mormon missionaries

As the parent of a young man who just returned this month from his LDS mission in St. Louis, I love the sense of divine justice here.

Wo unto the flippers, for they shall be flipped.

You may quote me on that.

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