Here’s how to stop Trump

I have been feeling that this was the case, so it was interesting to see a Monmouth University poll released yesterday that confirmed my instincts about how to keep Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee for President, and it appears that there is only one way.

Unite behind Ben Carson.

This is going to be tough for the Republican establishment, and they would have to swallow hard. I don’t think they could ever bring themselves to do it. But if their goal is to stop Trump, this is how to do it.

Here are the results of this Monmouth University poll, conducted Monday through Wednesday, based on a sample of 366 registered voters
who identify themselves as Republicans or lean toward the Republican Party. What they did was pose a hypothetical match-up between Trump and each of nine other Republican candidates. It blows the theory out of the water that Trump’s support is near its maximum and as the field winnows another candidate will take the lead. In one-on-one matchups, Trump comes out with a clear landslide majority against each establishment favorite. He wins 56% to 37% against Bush, 62% to 29% against Kasich, and 63% to 30% against Christie. He comes out with thinner majorities against all the other candidates except for Cruz and Carson. He beats Cruz 48% to 41%. So if everyone drops out but Cruz and Trump, Trump will still win. But then Dr. Ben Carson beats him by a turnaround landslide majority, 55% to 36%.

I like Ben Carson. As this race goes on, he is becoming my favorite. Not only is he a straight-talking conservative, I believe he has the strongest potential to beat the Democrat nominee, be it Hillary or someone else.

Don’t give me this old loser notion that the Republican nominee has to reach out to moderates to win. The mushy moderates lose every time. You could hardly dream up a weaker Republican candidate than Jeb Bush. His name is Bush–strike one. He sounds boring–strike two. He’s a mushy moderate–strike three.

I really like Ted Cruz, too, and think he would make an excellent president. But he would have a handicap in the general election and that is that he has made too many enemies in the Republican party, and it would be hard for him to unite the party. The strongest Republican candidate has to be able to unite the party.

Ben Carson is the Trump-stopper. Those of you who want to stop Trump, get behind Carson.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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