I told you so on the jobs numbers

On October 5, on the Fox News Special Report All Star Panel, just after the unbelievable 7.8% number had come out for the unemployment rate, Steve Hayes predicted trouble down the road for the administration when the correction came out in early November. I scoffed at that, saying that there is no way the political appointees in the Labor Department are going to let bad numbers come out just before the election. (See my post: Funny numbers on unemployment, Jack Welch, and being polite.) To quote, I wrote, “The Labor Department and the Census Bureau are both controlled by political appointees of the president, and they will not let a report out that makes Obama look bad just before the election. Not going to happen.”

And so we have a reported unemployment rate of 7.9%, just what we would have expected had the dramatic drop last month been accurate.

Did they cook the books? Oh no, no – you can think that thought but you can’t say it.

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