I’m through with Marco Rubio

I contributed to Marco Rubio in his run for the Senate in 2010. I loved his speech at last year’s Republican National Convention. I continue to get fundraising letters from him. But this last mailing I got from him, I didn’t even open it. Here’s a photo of it in my wastebasket:

Done with Marco Rubio

I was suspicious about Marco Rubio about a year ago when we had all that howling about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and three congressmen who were asking questions about people in sensitive positions in our government who had family or other ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. One of those people was Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ms. Abedin has three immediate family members with ties to Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Rubio was one of those who rose up in indignation that she should ask these questions. (See article posted on The Right Scoop: Marco Rubio throws Bachmann under the bus. A parenthetical note – I don’t buy the excuse that Rubio simply didn’t know the facts here. As a Member of Congress he has to know the sleaziness of McCain and McConnell and the integrity of Michele Bachmann and her three colleagues.) To me, that was a cheap shot. It made me leery of Rubio because he was apparently caving to pressure to be politically correct. The short version of the story, which was the version the establishment media was pushing, was that that out-of-control right-winger, Michele Bachmann, was questioning the patriotism and integrity of the most honorable Huma Abedin. The longer story, for those who cared enough to dig, was that Bachmann wasn’t questioning anything about Ms. Abedin’s character and was only pointing out that she had family members (her father, mother, and brother) with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and she was asking what policies and procedures were in place to deal with matters like that.

That, to me was wimpiness. It got him brownie points with Salon magazine and other Leftists, and to me it felt that he is like the new kid at school who wants to be popular with the “in” crowd, so he joins in piling on whomever those popular kids have decided to pile on. But what Marco Rubio has been doing with the immigration reform legislation is outright betrayal. So I am done with him. No more money, and outright opposition if he seeks higher office. I do not see integrity here. Here’s my theory about Marco Rubio. From the sounds of his speeches, he clearly understands conservatism and I believe he truly believes in it. But I have word that Mitch McConnell tapped him as an important ingredient in getting this immigration reform legislation through the Senate. I’m confident that he was told that if he expected to have any future and the support of the Republican establishment, he needed to get on board with a couple of different issues and show that he was a team player. Hence the dumping on Michele Bachmann, and now helping push the comprehensive Democrat importation bill.

Thanks, Marco. It’s helpful to be able to witness these “tests of character.” Now we conservatives know where not to look for true leadership.

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