Get ready for this, those of you who believe in traditional marriage

Obama’s declaration yesterday that he wouldn’t try to force churches to conduct gay marriages is revealing. When someone answers a charge that hasn’t been made, it tends to indicate that the charge is true.

Let me go a step further. This is part of the end game. I have written a number of times on this blog about the intolerance of the gay rights movement. It keeps happening again and again. We have the lashing out at Carrie Prejean, the vandalizing of churches who supported proposition 8 in California, the shutting up of Benjamin Carson, and on and on. Churches especially get these people worked up. St. Francis Xavier Church in Massachusetts posted on its sermon preview sign a simple statement of support for traditional marriage: “Two men are friends not spouses.” That simple statement unleashed a torrent of protests, leading one “tolerant” gay rights advocate to declare, “I will not tolerate this behavior in my community.” The church received many menacing threats, including one to burn the church down.

Brace yourself, those of you who believe in traditional marriage. This is your future. You can count on it as surely as you can count on the sun rising tomorrow – getting gay marriage legal is not the end game. Included in the agenda of the gay rights activists is to force churches to recognize it. The gay rights movement is not a “live and let live – leave us alone” movement. It’s an “in-your-face” movement, where their goal is to “wipe out homophobia” as they understand it – meaning they will allow no contrary opinions.

Read Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion U.S. v Windsor. He paints those who believe in traditional marriage as enemies to human decency. This is the underlying assumption of those who want to redefine marriage – that the advocates of traditional marriage are bigots. Brace yourselves. It’s going to get ugly from here on out, really ugly.

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