John Dougherty, Democrat for US Senate from Arizona

I just ran into the website of John Dougherty. He’s a prominent investigative journalist, running for the Democrat nomination for the seat currently belonging to John McCain.

The sidebar on his website says “Electing Arizona’s top investigative journalist is Washington’s worst nightmare!” Give me a break!

I tell you, I can’t remember reading such a piece of baloney on any candidate’s website. The whole website promotes government solutions. He wants increasing federal involvement in education, federally imposed limitations of campaign spending, government crackdowns on carbon dioxide. For those of you who are a little slow, I will translate this: Bigger Government.  Electing big government types is Washington’s dream come true.

Dougherty is just another aspiring member of Washington’s ruling class. But he knows we are all in an anti-government mood, so he tries to re-package his message with that spin.

Another clue for those of you who are slow. The people that really give the ruling class nightmares are constitutional conservatives, because they seek to limit government’s power.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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