Kermit Gosnell’s defense – Yes, I killed them, but they were already dead.

I shake my head when I hear good, moral people trying to deal with this Kermit Gosnell case. They just don’t comprehend. Some pro-abortion people are feigning disgust, but in reality, there isn’t really much difference between late-term abortion and infanticide. So don’t expect any serious outrage from serious abortion advocates. I’m confident that some of them would just as soon extend the definition of abortion to any killing that occurs before the baby is brought home from the hospital. Some might even go further.

Meanwhile, we have the spectacle of the Gosnell defense. It’s basically that there is no hard evidence that the children were alive after being delivered. I’m curious. Did anyone ask why, then, the necessity of snipping their spinal cords? Why did he kill them, if they were already dead? No, there are botched abortions in other clinics where the baby comes out alive, but not in Gosnell’s clinic. This was a class operation, and that sort of thing didn’t happen here. No, no.

The whole thing is bizarre. I hope the jury uses some common sense and finds him guilty. We’ll know soon.

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