Undercover video at late-term abortion clinics makes my point

So now we have these videos where the pro-life group Live Action has recorded mothers who are in or close to their third trimester and going into the abortion clinic to find out how the baby will be disposed of. Mike Huckabee featured this story in his weekend show. It makes my point. There is only a fuzzy line between late-term abortion and infanticide.

This is what I have been trying to say about this Kermit Gosnell case from the beginning. See my first post on this, “What is the big deal about Kermit Gosnell?” Whether you kill the baby first and then deliver it, or you deliver it and then kill it, it’s really a technicality. And that’s why you don’t see outrage or even curiosity about this story in the establishment media or among anyone on the Left. People who are in favor of late-term abortions do not see the killing of viable babies to be a problem.

For those who don’t care to watch these gruesome videos, what Live Action did was send pregnant women, in or close to their third trimester, to these abortion clinics. One was the Family Planning Associates Medical Group, right here in Phoenix. If the baby happens to come out alive, they put him or her into a solution that takes care of that. A woman who asked what to do if she happened to give birth at home was told to just flush it.

Come to grips with it. This is how these people think.

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