Obamacare was passed fraudulently, not fair and square

I love how Obama tries to paint his signature legislation now as being passed fair and square, properly signed by him, and validated by the Supreme Court, so these Tea Party Republicans should just get over it – give up. Yes, I hear Republicans like Senator McCain who also talk this kind of surrender language, but Democrats never talk this way. Nothing is etched in stone for them until they get their way.

Obama would like us to forget how they actually passed Obamacare. It was with pushing, shoving, arm-twisting, bribery, and over the objections of the American people. I remember the days of those turbulent town hall meetings where Democrats tried to ignore their constituents and shut down the protests. Oh yes, it was ugly.

In the middle of their trying to pass it, in January 2010, we had that special election in blue Massachusetts, where Massachusetts voters sent Republican Scott Brown to the Senate, replacing Ted Kennedy, and with the express mission of derailing Obamacare. Democrats had to do some fancy parliamentary maneuvering now, since they no longer held a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. But they got it done.

Furthermore, even for the brief period where they had that filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, that majority was fraudulent. Two of those Senate seats in particular were clearly obtained fraudulently.

In Alaska – Republican Senator Ted Stevens was charged with corruption as he was running for re-election in 2008. In a carefully timed prosecution, he was found guilty in Federal Court just eight days prior to the election. In the subsequent election, he lost narrowly to the Democrat. Imagine that! Then, in the spring, the prosecutors who brought the case against him were found guilty of gross prosecutorial misconduct, the conviction was overturned, and the prosecutors were found guilty of contempt. But, hey, mission accomplished – one more very needed seat for the Democrats.

In Minnesota – Another Senate seat was stolen by Senator Al Franken. When the polls closed and they showed a slim majority for the Republican, Norm Coleman, Democrats began their recount strategy. Aided by Democrat Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, workers were able to “discover” enough new votes for Franken to put him over the top. Furthermore, while the final margin for Franken was stated to be 312 votes, it was later discovered that over 1000 votes in Minnesota had been illegally cast by convicted felons. Research shows that from 85 to 95% of felons who are allowed to vote will vote Democrat. So now the Democrats were up to 60 seats, a margin that lasted only a year. But that was enough for them to complete their dirty work.

No, President Obama, this law was not passed fair and square. And we can only imagine what pressure was brought to bear behind the scenes on Chief Justice John Roberts to get him to twist the interpretation of the taxing power and declare Obamacare constitutional. What went on in public at that time was unseemly in itself. What went on under the surface had to be uglier.

Furthermore, the Republican House of Representatives was elected largely on the platform of undoing Obamacare, while Obama himself was re-elected mostly on the platform of keeping the rich kid (Romney) from becoming president. So if he were serious about honoring the results of elections, Obama would step aside and let the House of Representatives have its way.

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