Racism in Ferguson Missouri

It’s time that we call this what it is: racism.

I just saw a news item: An African-American saying that “There Will be a ‘Rebellion’ if Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted.” And why should he be indicted? Because he is white. It is very clear, from the behavior of these people who are agitating over this incident in Ferguson that if the officer who had shot Michael Brown had been black, that there would be no unrest.

It’s the president of an organization called Black Lawyers for Justice. His name is Malik Shabazz.

Not long after Michael Brown was shot in Missouri, unarmed white young man Dillon Taylor was fatally shot in Utah by a black officer. A few people protested, but there was no civil unrest and the matter has died.

We have a serious problem in this country of black people hating whites, and it is tolerated by the media and by the Left. The mere existence of this organization, Black Lawyers for Justice, if it is true as it appears that white people need not apply, is racist in my opinion. The result is that we have the makings of a lynch mob who would hang Michael Brown if they had the chance. It is fomenting violence. It’s ugly, and it’s clearly racism.

Call it what it is.

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