The Enders Game author and bigotry

Today, the movie Enders Game is released in theaters across the country. My wife and I will be going. It looks like a great movie. But there is controversy about it bubbling under the surface. You may notice in the promotional materials that they make reference to the novel on which the movie is based, but no reference to its well-known author, Orson Scott Card.

Yesterday morning’s edition of Meridian Magazine had an interesting article about the bigotry that is being unleashed against the author. You see, Orson Scott Card is LDS, and as such he believes in traditional marriage. Therefore, in the eyes of the gay rights crowd, he is hateful, and many are urging people to boycott the movie.

Many good people have been sucked in over same sex marriage. They think that’s the way to show that you are tolerant. But as I have pointed out repeatedly in this blog, the gay marriage issue is about intolerance, not tolerance. Gay activists don’t like it that there is a word in our language that implies that there is a difference between homosexual and heterosexual relationships. They want to change the definition of that word and then ban any expression in the public square that claims that there is any difference in those relationships. And it is happening all over – in schools, in broadcasting, in the military, throughout government, and in the corporate world.

Look at what happened to renowned surgeon Ben Carson. He was invited to be the graduation speaker at Johns Hopkins University this past spring. When it was discovered that he believed in traditional marriage, he was forced to withdraw. I commented on the article and wrote, “Yes, yes, the reasoning is all so familiar. When he defends traditional marriage and says he doesn’t want anybody changing the definition, that is ‘hatred.’ When you ban him from speaking and vilify him, that is ‘standing up for your rights.'”

Yes, the flood of intolerance is coming. Brace yourselves, religious people – it’s going to get ugly.

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