A little stunned by the brazen budget lies

It was a little over a week ago when Rex Nutting’s famous column was published in the Wall Street Journal alleging that Obama’s Spending Spree Never Happened.

As used as I am to the lies of the Left, I must say that I am still grappling with this one and trying to understand it. It will be a while before I entirely figure out what is going on in their heads.

Yes, they lie. There is no way that these leftists could get into national elective office without obfuscating who they really are and what they really want. But this lie is so fantastic on its face that I am trying to figure out what is going on in their minds as they perpetuate this.

And then Sunday I read an article in the Los Angeles Times that actually seemed to take this seriously. It was titled, Obama’s spending record: Who’s telling the truth? And the writer tried to pose as an objective analyst who was trying to determine whether Obama’s claims were true or not. Breathtaking.

You see, this isn’t just a lie. It isn’t just a brazen whopper of a lie. It’s a lie that tries to deny the raison d’ĂȘtre of the Left. They are always for more spending. It’s their knee-jerk reaction. They express their compassion through government spending, and they’re proud of it.

And while Chris Matthews took the lie and ran with it, I ran across another video from MSNBC that I can’t locate right now involving a panel discussion where the moderator asked why they should be so embarrassed about spending, when it is spending they want.

Here’s a question I haven’t heard anyone ask yet. If a conservative told a lie of this character, one that denied a core principle of conservatism in an effort to sell a candidate, would the audience clap and cheer as they did when Obama told this lie in front of his Colorado fund-raiser audience? That’s hard to imagine.

And here’s another question. Does the Liar fully understand that this is actually a lie, but telling it is a cold calculation devised to win re-election? Yes, I understand that Obama’s modus operandi is to make the lie big and to say it forcefully, with a touch of derision in his voice, as if to intimidate the listener into believing it. Maybe that’s the entirety of what is going on here, but I wonder. This lie stretches credulity to such an extent that any gain achieved by getting people to believe it has to be more than nullified by the number of people who cease to believe anything the Liar is saying.

No, I’m tending to think that there is a certain amount of self-deception going on here. When you become so adamant in your lying, you begin to lose connection with reality. That has to be at least part of what is going on here, because it doesn’t seem entirely rational.

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