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I’ve decided to add a new subject category to this blog – books.

On Friday, Mark Levin had Dick Morris on as a guest, talking about his new book: Screwed!: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy-and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It.

In the interview, he explained how the Left is trying to get their agenda passed through treaties with foreign governments. Obama, he said, is “negotiating and submitting a raft of treaties.”

The first treaty to come down, he said, is the Law of the Sea Treaty. “What’s going to happen here is that a whole series of these treaties are going to be submitted to the lame duck session of the Senate.” And he thinks there’s a very good chance of ratification.

“Start with the Law of the Sea Treaty. This treaty provides that we have to give third world countries, through the Sea Bed Authority, a UN body, 50% of our royalties for oil and gas drilling outside of the 200-mile continental shelf, a transfer that could ultimately reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars. It also has a provision that vests the Sea Bed Authority with the right to fight pollution of the ocean, and part of the pollution is ‘thermal pollution,’ it’s defined as. That could be a back-door climate change treaty.”

He mentioned other treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, which he called the most dangerous of all. “And the ICC has a crime called ‘aggression’ which is defined as a war crime, and it is going to war without the support and the approval of the UN Security Council, which is to say Russia and China.” He added that since former presidents are personally liable for that crime, this was a factor in former president Bush cancelling a trip to Switzerland to accept an award in 2010. There was a fear that he might be arrested when he set foot on Swiss soil, for this crime of “aggression.”

He explained that treaties would have the force of law and could only be rescinded by passing a constitutional amendment. Thus they are a particularly insidious method of advancing the agenda of the Left.

It sounds like a fascinating book. Here is a link if you’re interested in buying it:

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