Carly Fiorina’s cheap shot against Ben Carson

It was another one of those events that separate those who worship at the politically correct altar and those who think and actually try to be correct. It was a week ago on Meet the Press—Ben Carson states that he would not vote for a Muslim for President, and the politically correct nannies all come out and scold him, distorting what he said and obscuring the real issue.

It was Carly Fiorina’s response last week that got my attention the most, for trying to perpetuate the misunderstanding of what Dr. Carson actually said. On the Tonight Show, when Jimmy Fallon asked her about Carson’s comments, she said, “Well, I think that’s wrong. It says in our Constitution that religion cannot be a test for office.”

Fiorina claims to be a conservative. As such, she should be attuned to the disgust all we conservatives have with the establishment media and their games. But Fiorina is showing us here that she is very comfortable playing along with their game, taking this cheap shot at Carson. He did not say that a Muslim is not qualified to be president under the constitution. He is saying he would not vote for one unless he would renounce the tenets of Sharia.

So it was interesting when, on Thursday, Asra Q. Nomani, a Muslim herself, came out in defense of Carson.

It was a post in The Daily Beast on Thursday, titled “Ben Carson Had a Point.”

She states that Muslim communities, even in the United States, are struggling with the notions of democracy and freedom of religion. She details examples of how Muslims in the United States are getting more activist about pushing their values and culture. “Globally,” she says, “Muslims express deep problems with separation of mosque and state.”

Complicating this, she said, is the Muslim principle of taqiyya, which holds that it is right for Muslims to practice deception in promoting Islam. In other words, in Islam it would be okay for a candidate for President to state that they are pro-democracy and pro-liberty when campaigning for office but then go back on those promises once in office.

I must state that I, too, would have deep reservations about a Muslim candidate for President.

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