Mitch McConnell’s Duplicity

I was confident, because of Mitch McConnell’s tepid response to the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, that what he really wanted to do was continue funding them while appearing to oppose that. After all, Senator McConnell is the defender of the corporate lobbyists, and the corporate lobbyists are mostly in favor of government funding of whatever.

If he really wanted to fight this issue, there are so many things he could have done. He could have tacked on de-funding of Planned Parenthood onto another bill that Democrats wanted. He could have forced them to actually filibuster, physically. And many of us think it would have been delicious to let the Democrats go ahead and shut down the government in order to fund their war on babies.

No, conservatives are getting wise to this tactic of putting up a show opposition to the Democrats’ agenda. The truth is that they have sympathies for that agenda but they realize that their constituents oppose it.

So I was particularly interested in Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show. On Wednesday, Mark Levin had Ken Cuccinelli on as a guest. Ken, the former Attorney General of Virginia, is president of Senate Conservatives Action. The main substance of his interview was Mitch McConnell’s long history of supporting funding for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

See their documentation here. There is a whole list of votes, including three key votes opposing President George H. W. Bush on abortion funding of Planned Parenthood.

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