There’s a book that came out about three weeks ago that is a very important book, but that probably won’t get the attention it deserves. It is titled, Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets, and it is by Peter Schweizer. In it the author documents the depth of the sleaze that we find in our federal government. Here are some of the points the book brings out:

1. The Obama Justice Department is an Americanized KGB. They can’t get away with imprisoning political enemies, but they can threaten and intimidate them. Business regulations are at the same time very complex and vague, so that any business executive can be found to be guilty of some felony, if investigators look hard enough. Eric Holder uses this power to keep corporate America in line.

2. The threat of regulation or prosecution is also used to shake down industries for campaign donations in a manner not unlike how the mob used to collect protection money.

3. Some Republicans are part of the problem. The Republican establishment, he says, views politics as a business. And he includes Speaker Boehner by name.  “The business model that works in Washington, DC,” he explains, “is not fixing problems, it’s not reducing the debt, because if everything there worked that way, nobody there would get paid. So they come up with all of these methodologies and approaches. One of the things that happens all the time are what they call milker bills. A milker bill . . . is designed to scare the crap out of a company or an industry because then the politicians are going to milk them for campaign donations and for lobbying and consulting gigs for their family members.” And he brings up other corrupt practices that are legal, because Congress makes the laws under which it operates, whereby Speaker Boehner can buy loyalty and votes from fellow Republicans.

Sound interesting? Here is a link to the audio of Mark Levin’s November 6 interview with Extortion author Peter Schweizer. It’s 12 minutes long:


And here is a link if you’d like to buy the book:


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