Forgetting 9/11

The little black ribbon icon that is appearing today on the Google search page carries the text, “Remembering September 11th.” I find that interesting because the efforts of the establishment, especially of late, are trying to help us forget the main lesson of 9/11 which is that there is a global war by Islamic fundamentalists on Western civilization.

Yesterday, I participated in commenting on an article on, 5 Dinner Party Rules for Discussing the Syria Crisis. It was an okay article for the most part, and the author had just received an M.A. from Columbia University in Middle Eastern Studies. Fully steeped in establishment thinking about Islam, it tried to downplay the role of Islamic radicals and actually made fun of Sarah Palin’s comment that in Syria we have opposing groups of Islamic radicals fighting each other. And this is an attitude that is promoted by the Obama Administration and all right-thinking members of the establishment. Obama tries to tell us that the global war on terror is over. The politically correct tell us that people who try to read too much into the activities of Islamists are narrow-minded and reckless. Even Senator John McCain, in one of his more stupid comments, tried to tell us that their battle cry, Allahu Akbar, is as innocent as a Christian who says, “Thank God.”

I recently finished reading an excellent book, The Miracle of Freedom – 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World. If you’re interested in getting a copy, check out my recommended reading list on this website. Twice in our world’s history, so far, Islam has come close to conquering the entire world. Founded around 610 AD by the Prophet Muhammad, in less than a hundred years, it grew to become the mightiest military power in the world and had conquered territory from the borders of China to the Atlantic Ocean. The reason was that the Islamic concept of spreading its religion was that it was to be done by military conquest.  It crossed the Straits of Gibraltar into Spain, and was stopped at the Pyrenees by a seemingly unlikely hero, Charles Martel.

But Islamic fundamentalism was not to go away. In AD 1299, the Ottoman Empire came into being. Again, fueled by the desire to dominate the world with the religion of Islam and subject all peoples, they marched eastward and westward. It had already spread far to the east and had begun to move west and conquer Europe. But, inspired by the discovery of the New World, and enriched by the treasures they found there, Europe found the confidence and energy to fight back, and the world again was saved from Islamic domination.

Do not take the concept of Jihad lightly, people. Islamic immigrants are spreading throughout Europe. And the dreams of their fundamentalist wing, dreams of converting the entire world by military conquest, have never died. Where they rule, fellow Muslims are forbidden, under penalty of death, from leaving the faith, and their is little to no tolerance for dissent. Take them seriously. Remember 9/11. Oh, please, remember.

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