I think I may like Wil Cardon for Senate

I noticed the headline in this morning’s East Valley Tribune, “Mormon Moment.” The article focuses on Wil Cardon’s challenge to Jeff Flake for retiring Senator John Kyl’s seat. They’re both LDS.

Which is nice. That puts the focus on their positions. Too many LDS people will vote for someone just because they’re LDS. Not me. I try to forget what their religion is as I focus on their political courage, their positions, their judgment, and their honesty. For example, I am not for Romney for President. I far prefer Michele Bachmann.

Jeff Flake doesn’t measure up to my standards. Besides his softness on illegal immigration, cap and trade,¬†and other issues, I have a fundamental problem with his integrity. He was elected in 2000 to his current seat in Congress¬†on a pledge to limit himself to three terms. When asked about that at a Tea Party meeting as he was running for his sixth term, he dismissed the complaint saying he had changed his mind. So, Jeff, we now have to put an asterisk by every pledge you make and put in fine print, “I reserve the right to change my mind.” In other words, the pledge means nothing.

What I see initially of Wil Cardon I like. His website takes a strong stance against amnesty for illegal immigrants, which runs counter to what Jeff Flake has been trying to do. He also says he opposed the deal Congress made on the debt ceiling. Jeff Flake flipped back and forth on that with the Club for Growth – I suspect it was because their endorsement is so important to him.

(See more about my positions on candidates for 2012.)

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