I’m frustrated with the direction of the Republican nomination process

And what I’m frustrated with is the behavior of certain “opinion leaders” in the conservative movement.

Yes, the country has deteriorated morally considerably in the last thirty years, since we elected Reagan. But we need more conservatives who are willing to resist the tide on all levels – not just the descent into statism, but the descent into moral relativism and “anything goes.”

We have a serial adulterer running for the Republican nomination, Newt Gingrich. And we have too many conservatives willing to overlook all his moral shortcomings because he’s smart and articulate and explains the conservative position well. And today we have the revelation from Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s second wife, that Newt asked her to have an open marriage, etc. He said that such an arrangement was okay with Callista – would Marianne go along with it? And Rush Limbaugh is on the air making light of it, saying that, oh well, at least¬†Newt is better than Bill Clinton.

Yes, Bill Clinton did a lot to blunt the moral sensibilities of the country, but we don’t have to go along and be blunted as individuals. It was 1988, 24 years ago, when evidence that Gary Hart was committing adultery sank his bid for the Democrat nomination. So I guess the Democrats of 1988 were more moral, as a group, than the Republicans of 2012. That’s certainly how it appears. How fast we deteriorate. It’s not just freedom that is the foundation of the greatness of America, it’s solid character and values. And adultery isn’t just a sin of passion, it’s also characterized by a lack of integrity, a lack of honesty, and betrayal. And all of those character flaws seriously impact a person’s performance as president.

Moreover, Newt is showing behavior patterns in this campaign that seem to confirm that these tendencies are still a part of his character, as much as they ever were. I see no evidence that he has truly reformed.

And think about this angle. If he were to become president, as powerful and sexy as that position is to many women, believing in open marriage as he does, what kind of traffic would we be seeing in the White House? Would he have any resistance at all to the temptation to cash in on his position in that way? And what would that further do to the moral character of the nation?

I totally agree with Wendy from Pittsburgh, the caller that Rush took, chastising him for making light of this. She said she will sit on her hands for the election, and write in Rick Santorum if Newt is the nominee. He’s a man clearly of solid character and a solid conservative, and I don’t understand why there isn’t more rallying around his candidacy.¬†Please, Republicans, if character ranks so low on your list of qualifications for president, at least realize that there are a number of us for whom it is the top qualification, and we will not support Newt. I will tell you that right now I’m on the fence as to whether it would be better to suffer through four more years of Obama, as much damage as that will do to our political structure as a country and our work ethic as a people, or to suffer through the moral cesspool of a Gingrich presidency. I really don’t know which direction I would go.

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