Inside the minds of those who don’t stand on principle

I saw a cartoon by David Fitzsimmons in Sunday’s Mesa Tribune that was very revealing as to how many people on the Left think.

I am entitled to post the cartoon here for the purposes of criticism, but out of deference to the copyright holder, I’ll post only two portions of it and describe the rest, and give you a link if you want to look at the whole thing.

no gay marriageIt pictures the Republican elephant stomping in anger. On the floor behind him are signs protesting “healthcare for millions” and “gay marriage.”
 Repeal the 21st Century

But he’s stomping off carrying a sign protesting the 21st century.
I was marveling the other day about this issue of same-sex marriage. It was only 15 years ago when everyone was against it. But in 2015 you’re a bigot if you don’t celebrate it.

Those going along with this shifting morality are people with no core of principle within themselves. Often they are without a sense of God in their lives, and so they attach themselves to whatever are the morals of the moment. This is the march of history, and we want to be part of the march. And what David Fitzsimmons is saying with this cartoon is that he is part of this march, which he calls the 21st century, which others call progressivism or being on the right side of history.

And I believe that, in part, sums up the great divide in society today. You have people with a sense of right and wrong on one side, and people on the other side whose only morality is the groupthink of the moment.

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