King Vaughn Walker rules on gay marriage

Yahoo News is reporting today: Judge overturns California gay marriage ban.

The Judge’s arrogance and intolerance is breathtaking, and is a harbinger of what is to come in this country if gays are allowed to push their agenda onto the rest of us.

The people of California passed a legitimate ban on gay marriage several years ago, and it was thrown out by a judge who said it violated the constitution. So California passed a constitutional amendment, and now this judge throws it out because he doesn’t like it. Cut through all his gibberish about the amendment not being rational. A gay marriage ban is rational to the overwhelming majority of people in the United States. He is supposed to rule on the law as it is written, and doesn’t have authority to decide if it is a good law or not.

According to this judge, we do not live in a consitutional republic. There is no democracy other than where he chooses to grant it. The people don’t determine the culture, he does. A judge is supposed to interpret the law, but he has seen fit to look into his own soul and religious beliefs, and pluck out one of them and say to California – we will do this MY way, I don’t care what any of the rest of you think.

People, please take note. Gay activists are not, as a group, tolerant people.* They push their agenda with pleas for tolerance and understanding. But once they have full acceptance, then anyone who dares express in public an objection to gay marriage, or states that homosexual behavior is a sin, will be guilty of hate speech and will be worthy of being stoned. I am not exaggerating. The intolerance of this people is extremely intense. Look at places where gay marriage has been accepted, and see all the stories about how homosexuality is then preached in the schools, and you’d better not dare object. This is where this is going. The arrogance of this judge is only a small taste of what is in store. I remember vividly a gay protestant who called the Rush Limbaugh program several years ago. He had no trouble having his sexual orientation accepted by his church, but the trouble he had was having his religion accepted by his gay friends. This is the opposite of what you are taught by the media, who want to portray religious people as intolerant.

The Drudge Report also referenced an article from the San Francisco Chronicle when this case was first brought to this judge. It was noted that the judge was gay. Several people were referenced as declaring that his being gay would not have an impact on his ruling. No, no, no, of course not. Now why would we even think that!

What happened here was that Judge Vaughn Walker was making his vote on the constitutional amendment outweigh everyone else’s. The amendment made him feel uncomfortable, so, toss it out!

*See the comment on the blog,, that it is far more comfortable to be gay in a conservative environment than to be conservative in a gay environment.

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