Michele Bachmann has not stumbled

I just finished reading a truly ignorant posting on TownHall.com by Victor Davis Hanson, about how we Republicans should “take our castor oil” and nominate Mitt Romney. Not only has his type of thinking led the Republican party to defeat time after time, but he makes a telling factual error in the piece.

He says: “Rep. Michele Bachmann once soared as the anti-Romney and then crashed when 90 percent of her statements seemed courageous and inspired — but 10 percent sounded kind of weird.” No, sorry Mr. Hanson. There was no “crashing” of the Bachmann campaign like there was with Rick Perry and Herman Cain. There was no flurry of controversy stirred up. What happened was that the day after her impressive victory in the Iowa straw poll, people were distracted over the excitement of Rick Perry entering the race. And your trying to portray it as “crashing” reveals that her boldness must make you uncomfortable with your timidity.

Michele Bachmann is a strong candidate who has shown resiliency and toughness in a variety of situations. Here, don’t take my word for it. Look at how deftly she handled her appearance “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” where she was treated so rudely. She showed great wit and grace. Look at the video posted toward the bottom of the page where they show Michele playing “one word” with Jimmy Fallon. And watch the video to the end, where you can see the respect accorded her by the journalists who were asked to comment on the appearance. They were asked, in turn, to describe Michele Bachmann in one word. Patricia Murphy said, “Brave. I give her a lot of credit for showing up there.” Sheri Jacobitz said, “Trailblazer. Michele Bachmann, like so many Republican women, like Condoleeza Rice, like Sarah Palin, like others, is a self-made woman. Does not have to come from a political family or marry into it or have family money. She’s her own woman.”

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