Rick Perry interviewed on the Mark Levin show

Thursday, Rick Perry appeared on the Mark Levin Show. He had previously appeared to avoid the encounter, so this was a good sign.

He generally did well. Gov. Perry talked about focusing the role of the federal government on those things it is supposed to do, such as border security, and getting out of areas it isn’t supposed to be involved in, such as education.

Mitt Romney, in his famous exchange with hecklers in Iowa, won praise from both Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. But I caught something in his answer to the hecklers that troubled me. He told them, “We don’t want to raise taxes on the American people. We don’t want to grow government, because government is too large already. We want to restrain the growth of government.”

I was pleased to hear Gov. Perry talk about shrinking the federal government rather than just restraining its growth. That is the kind of talk we need in this election.

Mark Levin didn’t like Gov. Perry’s position on providing educational benefits to the children illegal immigrants in Texas. And I have some other questions about Gov. Perry’s history and positions. For now, my choice in the race would be Michele Bachmann, without question. She has true qualities of greatness. But Rick Perry may be my second choice. I’m waiting to see what happens.

One critical piece of the nomination puzzle that needs to be filled in is what Sarah Palin is going to do. Will she run herself? Will she throw her support behind another candidate? I’m anxiously waiting to find out.

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