Ted Cruz for Senate

I heard Ted Cruz interviewed on Mark Levin’s radio show the other day. Was I impressed! I sent him some money.

Ted Cruz is a constitutional and social conservative who is running for the U.S. Senate against Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who is a quintessential establishment Republican and who is endorsed by Rick Perry. One more reason not to trust Rick Perry. Ted is endorsed by Mark Levin, whose opinions I greatly respect, by the Club for Growth, by Senator Jim Demint, who runs the Senate Conservatives fund and whom I also greatly respect, and Sarah Palin. And he is incredibly bright and articulate and an experienced constitutional lawyer.

I have received several solicitations for donations from the Republican Party recently. I have been telling the person on the phone I prefer to give to individual candidates. The next time I get one of those calls I’m going to be more frank and tell them that I don’t like it when the party gets behind these moderate and liberal candidates like Dewhurst, or like when Mitch McConnell undermined Joe Miller after he won the Republican nomination for Senate against moderate Lisa Murkowski.

Cruz for Senate. Yes!

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